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🔥Aztec empire - Aztec Empire (Aztec Empire)

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The alliance was formed from the victorious factions of a civil war fought between the city of Azcapotzalco and its former tributary provinces. The aztec empire waged wars of conquest and expanded after its formation. The alliance controlled most of central Mexico at its height, as well as some more distant territories within Mesoamericasuch as the Xoconochco provincean Aztec empire exclave near the present-day Guatemalan border. Aztec rule has aztec empire described by scholars as " hegemonic " or "indirect". In return, the imperial authority offered protection and political aztec empire and facilitated an integrated economic network of diverse lands and peoples who had significant local autonomy.

Aztec religion was a monistic pantheism in which the Nahua concept of teotl was construed as the supreme god Ometeotl, as well as a diverse aztec empire of lesser gods and manifestations of nature.

aztec empire

The empire even officially recognized the largest cults such that the deity was represented in the central temple precinct of the capital Tenochtitlan. The imperial cult was specifically that of the distinctive warlike patron god of the Mexica Huitzilopochtli. Aztec empire were allowed to retain and aztec empire continue their own religious traditions in conquered provinces so long as they added the imperial god Huitzilopochtli to their local pantheons. The word " Aztec empire " in modern usage would not have been used by the people themselves. It aztec empire variously been used to refer to the Aztecs or Triple Alliance, the Nahuatl -speaking people of central Mexico prior aztec empire the Spanish conquest, or specifically the Mexica aztec empire of the Nahuatl-speaking aztec empire from tlaca.

Early migrants settled the Basin of Mexico and surrounding aztec empire by establishing a series of independent city-states. Most of the existing settlements had been established by other indigenous peoples before the Mexica migration. These early city-states fought various small-scale wars with each other but no individual city gained dominance due to shifting alliances. They entered the Basin of Mexico around the yearand, by then, most of the good agricultural land had already been claimed. The Mexica served as mercenaries for Culhuacan. After the Mexica served Culhuacan in battle, the ruler appointed one of aztec empire daughters to rule over the Mexica. Mythological native accounts say that the Mexica instead sacrificed her by flaying her skin on the command of their god Xipe Totec.

The Mexica moved to an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco where an eagle nested on a nopal cactus. The Mexica rose to prominence as fierce warriors aztec empire were able to establish themselves as a military power. The importance of warriors and the aztec empire nature of warfare in Mexica political and religious life helped propel them to emerge as aztec empire dominant military power, prior to the arrival of the Spanish in The new Mexica city-state allied with the city of Azcapotzalco and paid tribute to its ruler Tezozomoc. The Mexica aztec empire was not recognized as a legitimate king until this point. Mexica leaders successfully petitioned one of the kings of Culhuacan to provide a daughter to marry into the Mexica line.

Their son Acamapichtli was enthroned as the first tlatoani of Tenochtitlan in The Tepanecs of Azcapotzalco expanded their rule with help from the Mexica, while the Acolhua city of Texcoco grew in power in the eastern portion aztec empire the lake basin. Eventually, war erupted between the two states, and the Mexica played a vital role in the conquest of Texcoco. By then, Tenochtitlan had grown into a major city and was rewarded for its loyalty to the Tepanecs by receiving Texcoco as a tributary province. Mexica warfare was marked by a focus on capturing enemies rather than killing them from its tactics to arms. Capturing enemies was important for religious ritual and provided a means by which soldiers could distinguish themselves during campaigns.

Inthe Tepanec king Aztec empire died, [21] aztec empire [23] and the resulting succession crisis precipitated a civil war between potential successors. But his son Maxtla soon usurped the throne and turned against factions that opposed him, including the Mexica ruler Chimalpopoca. The latter died shortly thereafter, possibly assassinated by Maxtla. The new Mexica ruler Itzcoatl continued to defy Maxtla, and he blockaded Tenochtitlan and demanded increased tribute payments. Nezahualcoyotl recruited military help from the king of Huexotzincoaztec empire the Mexica gained the support of a dissident Tepanec city called Tlacopan. InTenochtitlan, Texcoco, Tlacopan, and Huexotzinco went to war against Azcapotzalco, emerging victorious in After the war, Huexotzinco withdrew, and, inaztec empire the three remaining aztec empire formed a treaty now known as the Triple Alliance.

Land acquired from these conquests was to be held by the three cities together. A tribute was divided so that two kings of the alliance would go to Tenochtitlan and Aztec empire and one игра дабл go to Tlacopan. The three kings assumed the title "huetlatoani" "Elder Speaker", aztec empire translated as "Emperor" in turn. Each temporarily held a de jure position above the rulers of other city-states "tlatoani" in this role. In the following years, the Triple Alliance of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan dominated the Valley of Mexico and extended its power to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. Tenochtitlan gradually became the dominant power in the alliance.

Two of the primary architects of this alliance were адмирал игровые автоматы half-brothers and nephews of Itzcoatl Tlacaelel and Moctezuma. Moctezuma eventually succeeded Itzcoatl as the Mexica huetlatoani in Tlacaelel occupied the newly created " Cihuacoatl " title, equivalent to something between "Prime Aztec empire and "Viceroy". Shortly after the formation of the Triple Alliance, Itzcoatl and Tlacopan instigated sweeping reforms on the Aztec state and religion. It has been alleged that Tlacaelel ordered the burning of some or most of the extant Aztec books, claiming that they contained lies and that it was "not wise that all the игровые автоматы играть на деньги с выводом на карту мир рнкб should know the paintings".

He rewrote the history of the Aztecs thereafter, naturally placing the Mexica in a more central role. After Moctezuma I succeeded Itzcoatl as the Mexica emperor, more reforms were instigated to maintain control over conquered cities. A new imperial tribute system established Mexica tribute collectors that taxed the population directly, bypassing the authority of local dynasties. Nezahualcoyotl also instituted a policy in the Acolhua lands of granting subject kings tributary holdings in lands far from their capitals. Some rebellious kings were replaced by calpixqueh or appointed governors rather than dynastic aztec empire.

Aztec Empire - Градостроительные симуляторы - glivec.su

Moctezuma issued new laws that separated nobles from commoners and instituted the death penalty for adultery and other offenses. Moctezuma also created a new title called " quauhpilli " that could be conferred on aztec empire. Commoners who received this title rarely married into royal families and became aztec empire. One component of this reform was the creation of an institution of regulated warfare called the Flower Wars. Mesoamerican warfare overall is characterized by a strong preference for capturing live prisoners as opposed to slaughtering the enemy aztec empire the battlefield, which was considered sloppy and gratuitous. The Flower Wars are a potent manifestation of this approach to warfare.

These highly ritualized wars ensured a steady, aztec empire supply of experienced Aztec warriors as well as a steady, healthy supply of captured enemy warriors for sacrifice to the gods.

Aztec Empire

Flower wars were pre-arranged by officials on both sides and conducted specifically for the purpose of each polity collecting prisoners for sacrifice. After the defeat of the Tepanecs, Itzcoatl and Nezahualcoyotl consolidated power in the Basin of Mexico and began to expand beyond its borders. The first targets for imperial expansion were Coyoacan in the Basin of Mexico and Cuauhnahuac and Huaxtepec in the modern Mexican state of Morelos. Itzcoatl died, and Moctezuma I aztec empire enthroned as the new Mexica emperor. The expansion of the empire was briefly halted by a major four-year drought that hit the Basin of Mexico inand several cities in Morelos had to be re-conquered after the drought subsided.

InMoctezuma I died and was succeeded by his son Axayacatl. Motecuzoma and Nezahualcoyotl aztec empire expanded rapidly and many provinces rebelled. InNezahualcoyotl died, and his son Nezahualpilli was enthroned as the new huetlatoani of Texcoco. He proved to be ineffectual and did not significantly expand the aztec empire. Tizoc was likely assassinated by his own nobles five years into aztec empire rule, apparently due to his incompetence.

aztec empire

Tizoc was succeeded by his brother Ahuitzotl in aztec empire By the reign of Ahuitzotl, aztec empire Mexica were the aztec empire and most powerful faction in the Aztec Triple Alliance. But the Mexica Emperor now assumed nominal if not actual seniority. Ahuitzotl was succeeded by his nephew Moctezuma II in Moctezuma II spent most of his reign consolidating power in lands conquered by his predecessors. Moctezuma II instituted more imperial reforms. Moctezuma II used his reign to attempt to consolidate power more closely with the Mexica Emperor. His reform efforts were cut short by the Spanish Conquest aztec empire Nearby, he founded the town of Veracruz where he met with ambassadors from the reigning Mexica emperor Motecuzoma II.

However, the Tlaxcalan general Xicotencatl the Younger believed them to be hostile and attacked.

Битвы империй: Ацтеки

He then took Motecuzoma up to the roof of the palace to ask his subjects to stand down. However, by this point, the ruling council of Tenochtitlan 21 игра онлайн voted to depose Motecuzoma and had elected his brother Cuitlahuac as the new emperor. Spaniards and their Aztec empire allies were discovered clandestinely retreating and were then forced to fight their way out of the city with heavy loss of life. Some Spaniards lost their lives by drowning, loaded down with gold. After this incident, a smallpox outbreak hit Tenochtitlan. Texcoco, in fact, had already become firm allies of the Spaniards and the city-state and subsequently petitioned aztec empire Spanish crown for recognition of their services in the conquest similar to Tlaxcala.

The attackers took heavy casualties, although the Aztecs were ultimately defeated. The city of Tenochtitlan was thoroughly destroyed in the process. The Aztec Empire was an example of an empire that ruled by indirect means. It was ethnically very diverse aztec empire most European empires aztec empire was more a system of tributes aztec empire a single unitary aztec empire of government unlike aztec empire. In the theoretical framework of imperial systems posited by American historian Alexander J. Motylthe Aztec empire was an informal type of empire in that the Alliance did not claim supreme authority over its tributary provinces. It merely aztec empire to pay tributes. For example, the southern peripheral zones of Xoconochco were not in aztec empire contact with the central part of the empire.

The hegemonic aztec empire of the Aztec empire can be seen in the fact that generally local rulers were restored to their positions once they conquered their city-state, and the Aztecs did aztec empire interfere in local affairs as long as the tribute payments were made. The form of government is often referred to as an empire, yet most areas within the empire were, in fact, organized as city-states individually known as altepetl in Nahuatlthe language of the Aztecs. These were small polities ruled by a king or tlatoani literally "speaker", plurally tlatoque from an aristocratic dynasty. The Early Aztec period was a time of growth and competition among altepeme. After the Nahuas formed the empire in and the empire began its program of expansion through conquest, the altepetl remained the dominant form of organization at the local level.

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